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cymbrogi_heart's Journal

The Cymbrogi, 'Companions of the Heart'
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Would you fight for your friends? Rush into battle to be their shieldbearers? Are you not in it just for yourself?

We are the Cymbrogi. 'Companions of the Heart'. Those who know what it means to be true friends with heart, mind, and soul. It is the word King Arthur used for his closest companions at the Round Table who knew what true 'loyalty' and 'love' stood for. It is a word that I, and those like me, wish to keep alive.

We love all three aspects of ourselves that God has blessed us with: heart, mind, and soul. We are compassionate about our lives and the world we live in. We have a desire to learn of things long past to prepare us for things to come. We are also standing on a strong firmament in the Lord and His Ways.

A lot of what we discuss here will be focused in two regards. We will speak of the old traditions and beliefs of the Celts (pre and post-Christendom), Norse, and Western Europe. We will also place emphasis on lifting each other up with encouragement, temperament, edification, and, above all, love.

If you feel that you can live up to these standards (and the standards of the Cymbrogi are quite high), then I would encourage you to join to be among brothers and sisters who will be there for you and show you the love that God shows them.

Note from the moderator:

"First of all, I welcome any and all of you who see this group, regardless of whether you wish to join or not. My name is Kisaoda, sometimes called Cuinn, and I hope you feel compelled to stay here as one of us, the Cymbrogi.

If you do decide to stay, I ask that you introduce yourself. Tell us your name (or what you wish to go by), your main interests in regards to this group's subject matter (literature, myth, tradition, and scripture), and why you think yourself as one worthy of the title Cymbrogi ('Brother of the Heart').

Know that we are very open to whom decides to join, or else I would have made it a join by invite only. However, I can't stress that this is a group for those who have a compassion to lift up and edify others, supporting and loving their friends and confidants. If you don't have this form of compassion, or at least don't wish for it, then you won't find much joy by being here. You're not unwelcome, but it would be difficult for both you and others already here if you don't share what others here share with each other.

That being said, please feel welcome and introduce yourself away!